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The General Council Approves 3 Confreres for Final Vows

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Published by Fr. Jailos Mpina, SMM in Africa Anglophone · 15 March 2019
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NAIROBI, Kenya - The General Council has approved three Africa Anglophone confreres namely Brs. Bernard Maganga, SMM, Damian Abraham, SMM and Innocent Mwanoka, SMM for Perpetual Profession.
The Superior Delegate of Africa Anglophone General Delegation, Fr. Lonely Paul Mashonga, SMM, shared the news to all confreres in the Delegation.
“Beloved confreres, I stand before you to relay an information I have just received from the General Council. During their meeting on the 11th of March, they have approved for final vows our three brothers: Bernard, Damian and Innocent. Please let us praise God for such a wonderful news.”  He joyfully said.
The three brothers were excited with the news of their approval for Final Vows. Br. Bernard, who is currently the Administrator of Luntha Television in Malawi, did not hide his feelings.
“It is a blessing and manifestation of God’s grandiose love. I am very happy, excited and at the same time thankful to God, above all, and to the people that have helped me to answer God’s call through their exemplary life, encouragements and pieces of advice.”
Br. Damian, who is doing his pastoral experience at St. Louis Balaka Parish in Malawi, disclosed the joy and expressed that he was grateful to God and all confreres.
“I feel so glad, motivated and affirmed in my journey upon hearing the news. It’s a great sign that the congregation has trust in me. Many thanks to God and to all my confreres for helping me to reach this far.” He said.
Br. Innocent, who is doing his pastoral experience in Mbarara community in Uganda, said that he continues to sing the Magnificat. “I feel happy, peaceful and grateful to God. With Mary, I continue to sing her song of praise until the Lord brings to fullness His plan for me and His people.”
The Superior Delegate, Fr. Paul, said that the Preparation for Perpetual Profession (PPP) for the three confreres will begin on the 5th of May and will eventually end with a retreat on the 5th of July this year. It will take place at Montfort Retreat House – Namiasi Mangochi in Malawi. The three confreres will make their final vows on the 6th of July.
Br. Bernard was born in Mulanje, Malawi on February 2, 1992. He hails from Chingoni village in Ntcheu district. Br. Damiano was also born in Mulanje, Malawi on December 30, 1990. His original home village is Katuli, Zomba district. Br. Innocent, a second-born of seven children, was born on July 2, 1992 in Machinga, Malawi.

Fr. Jailos Mpina, SMM


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