Fr. Rafael Lepen, SMM

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The Montfortian Mission at Mary, Seat of Wisdom Station in Tanjung Lokang

KALIMANTAN, Indonesia – On Easter Day 2021, in the midst of a resurging pandemic, the Parish priest of the Epiphany Parish sent us to hold a service at the farthest station, which is called the Tanjung Lokang Station. In addition to celebrating the entire Easter mystery, we had the opportunity to have a dialogue and share our faith with several community leaders. From this dialogue and sharing, there are several pastoral concerns that demand real action. First, the dualism between Catholics and Protestants regarding respect for the dead. Second, the limited understanding of the Catholic faith has an impact on the appreciation of the faith which is purely administrative in nature. Again, they are not able to account for the Catholic faith in the face of satire or attacks that are blaming the Catholic faith from Protestant circles. Third, the assistance of early childhood and youth, as well as Catholic Youth, is very minimal. This leaves them with insufficient knowledge of the faith from an early age and lacks interest in being involved in Church activities...
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