The First Session of Provincial Chapter of the Indonesian Province

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The First Session of Provincial Chapter of the Indonesian Province

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Published by Fr. Anton Tensi, SMM in Indonesia · 29 December 2016
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BANDUNG, Indonesia - The first session of provincial chapter of the Indonesian Province designated as a preparation for general chapter of the company of Mary was held in Villa Deo Gratias Lembang, Bandung, Indonesia, on November 17 to 19, 2016.  This chapter begun with a three-day retreat animated by father Paulus Wiryono SJ, entitled “Revitalization of self-identity in the Mission of the Church.”

The capitulants to this chapter consist of 6 member ex officio and 7 elected from three different regions of mission in the Indonesian province. Two more capitulants should have joined this chapter, namely Fr. Kondradus Hancu and Fr Kristian Jumi Ngampu, but they failed due to important reasons. Aside from the capitulants also present were Fr. Yoseph Putra Dwi Darma Watun, assistant general, Fr Paulus Wiryono SJ as the retreat master and moderator of this chapter, Fr. Heredi Suhartono and Fr stefanus Musanai as the secretary of the chapter.

This chapter aimed toward four goals. First, the chapter served as a preparation for the upcoming general chapter in Rome. For this, capitulants were invited to come together to reflect and discuss some materials proposed by the general chapter committee and to elect capitulants for the general chapter.

The second goal was to review and to discern on the life and mission of the Indonesian province. Some issues were proposed to this chapter by its committee, such as some guidelines for protection of children and prevention of sexual abuse; some economical matters; and a heart to heart sharing between the provincial and his council and the capitulants.

The third goal was to revise some points in the statutes of the Indonesian province and to address certain issues that the present statutes do not consider, for example, procedures to be followed in case a council member resigns from his post; also what to do when a capitulant in a provincial chapter suddenly resigns or fails to join the chapter.

The last goal was to elect a new council member replacing Fr. Antonius Tensi who resigned from his post as he has been elected as the new novice master of the province.

Most of the said goals were achieved, for example, Fr. Kristianus Jumi Ngampu was elected as a new council member of the province. Three capitulants for general chapter were nominated, namely Fr. Antonius Tensi, Fr. Kristian Jumi Ngampu  and Fr. Heredi Suhartono. Revision of the statutes of the province was also completed. However, some topics needed to be discussed further and for this the chapter gave its mandate to the provincial and his councils.

At the end of the chapter, Fr Paulus Wiryono listed some summary of the chapter:
Materials of the general chapter have been discussed deeply in the chapter and grab some special attention of the capitulants for example, the chapter agreed upon some change proposed by the general council in our constitution with some notes. In opening a new mission in congregational level, the method of discernment that had been undertaken by the Indonesian province is worth to be shared in the general chapter. The chapter recommended an urgent need for a good governance in the congregation especially to execute clearly and consistently  the vision and mission of the congregation; It also magnifies the need to clarify the direction of internationalization movement of the congregation; the need for building up a merciful community living;  and a need for an effective on-going program and the diffusal of our spirituality among lay people.

Efforts to deepen and strengthen the relation and interconnectedness among confreres and also to revitalize the mission of SMM could be possibly nurtured through various ways like, a regular visit of the provincial and his councils to each community, giving the possibility of having a personal encounter between two parties; nurturing a merciful community life; managing well and more effectively the vision and mission of the province, its implementation and evaluation as well and finally a well planned and structured on going formation program for each member of the entity.

Graces received along the chapter were happiness, joy, a strong bond of fraternity among capitulants, openness, and conformation of montfortian identity through the presence and mission of all confreres in Indonesia. Finally, all capitulants were committed to bring the spirits of the chapter to their respective communities and missions as well.

This chapter was closed by a solemn mass presided by Fr. Dwi Watun, assistant of father general to this chapter.

-Fr. Anton Tensi, SMM
(Novice Master)


Fr. Luizinho
29 Dec 2016
Hi Fathers. We are praying for you and for the Provincial Chapter. Our God bless you!!
Fr. Luizinho
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