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SMM Scholastics in Dagupan Mission

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Published by Bro. Francois Leonard P. Ancheta, SMM in Philippines · 31 August 2017
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DAGUPAN, Philippines –  Pastoral Immersion is an important part of the Scholasticate formation and so the long vacation after the end of the school year is used for this purpose. This year, seven SMM scholastics were sent to Dagupan to help and experience the Montfortian mission.

The Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) formation program in St. Louis-Marie de Montfort Chaplaincy began last year in collaboration with the SMM Scholasticate community led by its formator, Fr. Norwyn Baydo, SMM. This year, the mission community, in cooperation with the SMM Scholastics organized another BEC formation program. In a matter of two weeks, the BEC team managed to hold two successful seminar programs in two different places.

The BEC seminar was participated by different age groups. They managed to gather the families from the areas despite of the unpredictable weather changes. There was a celebration of the Holy Mass on the first day and on the last day of the seminar. Catechism and short sharing about the life and missionary works of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort was given by the scholastics. On the last day of the seminar, there was a blessing of the Family Mission Crosses which each family prepared as a symbol of their participation in the mission of Christ and collaboration with the Montfort Missionaries.

At the end of the mission they created several BEC clusters which they hope will soon flourish. It was indeed a successful event of bringing families together and building that same goal of becoming one Church.

We commend the priest in-charge, Rev. Fr. Ting Casing, SMM for his dedication and untiring support, together with the parish staff and the families who hosted the SMM seminarians for the entire duration of the mission. Also, the openness and positive response of the people of the place made this mission a success.

All for the Glory of God Alone!  

-Bro. Francois Leonard P. Ancheta, SMM


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