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Mangochi-Malawi: Deacon Jailos Mpina, SMM ordained Priest

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Published by in Africa Anglophone · 11 May 2014
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Saturday May the 10th the Church of Mangochi in Malawi witnessed the eventful occasion of the priestly ordination of Jailos Augustine Mpina, SMM and Edwin Lambulira a diocesan deacon.

From all corners of the diocese Christians gathered at Nsanama village together with Bishop Montfort Sitima  and the local parish community to give thanks to the Lord and to entrust this sons of Africa “to the power of God and to the work of his grace” (Acts 20:32).

After the biblical readings and the homily of Bishop Sitima, which focused on Jesus as the good shepherd, the parents of the two deacons presented them to the Bishop and to the whole community. The rite of the ordination, in its richness and depth, touched the hearths of many. They all participated with prayers songs and dances until the most crucial moment when the bishop silently laid his hands on each candidate and then said the prayer of ordination.

At the end of the celebration people came forward to congratulate the newly ordained priests and to bring simple gifts such as maize, rise, vegetables.

Among those who took part in the celebration, which lasted almost six hours, the Bishop Emeritus of Mangochi, Alessandro Pagani, SMM and Fr Louis Nkukumila, SMM, Superior Delegate of the Africa Anglophone Delegation.

Fr Jailos Mpina will continue his mission in Balaka (Malawi), at the Montfort Media center, where he has been working for the past two years.

-Fr. P. Gamba, SMM



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