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Consecration for 18 Montfort Associates

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar - On December 4, 2022, after a month of preparation, “Montfortian month”, 18 lay people; members of the Associate Marie Reine des Cœurs Antsobolo, joyfully and courageously made their consecration to Jesus through the hands of Mary. The gracious occasion took place at the Immaculate Conception Antsobolo parish where the Montfortians work...

Assembly of Lay Associates of Madagascar with the General Council

TAMATAVE, Madagascar - « Feno fiderana Anao izahay ry Ray ô.. Noho ny soa sesehena ‘zay nafafinao ho anay..misaotra Anao re… » literally meaning “We praise You Lord and give You thanks for all Your benefits...”. This is the song which the members of the Montfortian Lay associates known as Association Marie Reine des Cœurs (AMRC) of Madagascar welcomed the Superior General, Fr. Luiz Augusto STEFANI, SMM, and the Assistant General responsible for Africa-Madagascar, Fr. Félix Mabvuto PHIRI, SMM, on Friday, November 04, 2022 at the Sacred Heart Parish in Tamatave, Madagascar...

Canonical Visit of the General with the Lay Associates in Madagascar

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar - It was a great pleasure that marked the meeting between the members of the Montfortian Lay associates known as Association Marie Reine des Cœurs (AMRC) of Antsobolo and the Superior General, Father Luiz Augusto STEFANI, SMM, and the Assistant General, Father Felix Mabvuto PHIRI, SMM on Thursday afternoon, October 20, 2022. Another meeting of AMRC of Andraisoro was on Sunday, October 23, 2022...

Montfort Pilgrimage Analamalotra and Opening Celebration of the 90-year presence of the Montfort Missionaries in Madagascar

ANALAMALOTRA, Madagascar - On the occasion of the opening celebration of its 90-year presence in Madagascar, the Entity of Madagascar organized a pilgrimage to Analamalotra Tamatave on September 10-11, 2O22. The faithful from different parishes held by the Montfortians had come to this great meeting to pray together during these two days. Most of the confreres, the great Montfortian family, had also come to honor this first Montfortian Pelé Analamalotra...

Community Life and Fraternal Life

ANALAMALOTRA, Madagascar - Following a decision taken during a council concerning training in our Entity, all the young people in formation from the pre-postulancy to the scholasticate and formators should meet once a year. Inspired by the writings of our Congregation, the rules of life and the personal experience within our community, we decided to spend a friendly moment together to strengthen not only the knowledge of each other, but also the fraternal life. This authentic fraternal life is one of the challenges in our commitment to religious life as Montfortians...

Celebration of the Feast of Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort and the Conferment of the Ministries of Lector and Acolyte

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar - The feast of Saint Louis-Marie Grignion de Montfort, which took place last Thursday, April 28, 2022, was marked by the gathering of the entire Montfortian family working and based in Antananarivo, at the Foyer Andraisoro, namely the confreres of the Company of Mary, the sisters of the Daughters of Wisdom, the Montfort brothers of Saint Gabriel and the lay associates...

Pray and Walk Together

ANTANANARIVO, Madagascar - On Saturday before Palm Sunday, it was the right time that the AMRC of Antsobolo and that of Andraisoro, both based in Antananarivo, had chosen to carry out the pilgrimage as we usually do to mark the Lenten season. Thus, we specifically chose the Sisters of Our Lady of the Cenacle’s convent in Soavimbahoaka. It is a beautiful place, wonderful and above all quiet, thanks to its surroundings immersed in nature full of beauty. We were 25 members at the moment, accompanied by Brother Victor, SMM, head of the AMRC of Antsobolo. This pilgrimage began with a conference given by Deacon Olivier, head of AMRC Andraisoro, obviously preceded by daily prayer (lauds). Then, it was followed by the Eucharistic celebration presided over by Father Clément, SMM and ended with the Stations of the Cross...

The Passage of Cyclone Batsirai in Mananjary, Manakara and the Visit of Colleagues and Families

MANAKARA, Madagascar - The Father Superior of Madagascar Entity, Fr. Bruno, had taken the opportunity to visit our colleagues working in the South-East of Madagascar (in Mananjary) after the passage of cyclone Batsirai. It should be noted that, by the grace of God, the two confreres on site are doing well (Fr. Jean Baptiste and Fr. Solofo Victor). Father Bruno, on this occasion, visited his family, not far from Mananjary, in Manakara: “It was a great joy to meet again”. Batsirai is a very intense cyclone which caused enormous damage. What is observed first is the absence of roofs on nearly nine out of ten houses. Hard dwellings have seen their sheet metal roofs torn off...
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