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The How and the Why of our Vocation

KISANGANI, RDC - On Wednesday, 7th April 2021, his Excellency Marcel Utembi Tapa, Metropolitan Archbishop of Kisangani / DR Congo, presided over the Holy Mass at Saint Paul Apostle Parish (in Kisangani). During the Eucharistic Celebration, there was the diaconal ordination of the three brothers: Robert Natutwande, Elisée Kambale and Ignace Messinou. All of them are Montfort Missionaries of the Company of Mary and members of the General Delegation of Francophone Africa / GDFA. The first two are Congolese, while the third is a Togolese (the very first time to have a Togolese deacon in our Entity)...

Sacerdotal ordination in Congo

KIBIBI, Congo - On 25 March 2017, the solemnity of the Annunciation of our Savior, in the parish church of Saint Paul the Apostle of KIBIBI, Father Henri ALOTEREMBI said "YES" before God and his witnesses in the hands of Monseigneur Dieudonné MADRAPILE Tanzi, Bishop of the diocese of Isangi, surrounded by religious and secular priests. He received the imposition of hands making him the ninth Congolese...
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