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A Meeting of the Commission on Montfortian Spirituality

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Published by Fr. Arnold Suhardi SMM in Rome · 21 March 2019
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ROME - The Commission on Montfortian Spirituality holds a six-day meeting at the General House in Rome that started on the 18th day of March 2019. It is scheduled to end on Saturday, March 23, 2019.

The members of the commission who are present in the meeting are: Fr. Benigno Zorro Corredor (Colombia), Fr. Olivier Maire (France), Fr. Miljenko Sušac (Croatia) and Fr. Peter Mascarenhas (India). Together with them is Fr. Arnold Suhardi, a member of the General Council, who is in charge of the commission. The meeting agenda includes the following issues:
  1. Personal updating
  2. Sharing of experiences
  3. Decision-making on projects to be carried out
  4. Delegation of responsibilities

The resource speakers who were present on the first day of the meeting were Fr. François-Marie Lethel, OCD and Fr. Girolamo dal Maso, SMM. They were invited to share their better understandings of Father de Montfort and his teachings.

The commission implements the concern as formulated in the Acts of the General Chapter 2017, specifically Challenge 5 which is "The challenge of the transmission of the Montfortian heritage (spiritual and material)". It is emphasized under Challenge 5.13.2, “the need to breathe new life in the understanding of the writings and life of Father de Montfort”. It is also stated under Challenge 5.14.1 as propositions, the need to “prepare resource persons in the field of spirituality".

In conclusion, the commission is optimistic to come up with positive suggestions that may assist the Superior General and his council who are seeking a responsible response to further deepen and share the Montfortians’ spiritual heritage.

Fr. Arnold Suhardi, SMM


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