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Acceptance of New Postulants

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Published by Fr. Antonius Tensi, SMM in Indonesia · 13 July 2017
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RUTENG, Indonesia – The Indonesian province is grateful to God for the gift of vocation to the congregation. On July 1, 2017 the Novitiate community in Ruteng, welcomed the new batch of postulants. There are 24 young men coming from various minor seminaries in Flores. Two of them came from Pius XII Kisol Minor Seminary, six from John Paul II Seminary, nine from the SMM Aspirancy, six from St Paul Seminary, and one underwent his aspirancy in Menyurai community in Sintang. Among them, two opted for brotherhood.

On the same day in the afternoon, there was a meeting of the new postulants who were accompanied  by their families, mostly parents,  with the whole community, including the novices and the formators. It was a warm and meaningful encounter as it began with the Manggaraian cultural  rite; the “Tuak Curu” and “Manuk Kapu”, a way of welcoming and initiating the new comers to the community.  It was then followed by exchanging information regarding the formation itself and the possible participation and support of the family of each candidate. It is necessary to come up with a common understanding and awareness for both parties in the beginning of their formation.

On July 5, the official acceptance of this new batch was held with a solemn liturgical celebration led by Fr. Anton, the superior of the community. In his homily, Fr. Anton highlighted the word of Montfort, “Do not be afraid you little flock (Letter to the members of the Company of Mary 1-5) and the theme of postulancy “Come and See!” (John 1:39).

We thank God for entrusting these young men to our congregation and I invite all of you to include them in your prayer that they may persevere in following God’s calling. Thank you.

-Fr. Antonius Tensi, SMM


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