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First Reception of the Acts of the General Chapter

MARILLAIS, France - A good start for the (pastoral) year that has just begun! The four international Montfortian communities of France met at Marillais, where, in 430, Our Lady appeared to the bishop Saint Maurille and who wanted the feast of her birth to be established and celebrated. There, these “true children of Mary” (PM 11) gathered together on October 30, 2023, to receive and reflect on the Acts of the 38th General Chapter. Thus, the place is more than symbolic.

New Montfortian Presence in Montfort-sur-Meu

MONTFORT-SUR-MEU, France - The influence of the spirituality of Father de Montfort and that of the Montfort missionaries in Montfort-sur-Meu experienced its golden age during the long years of presence of the novices at the birthplace. All of a sudden, Covid forced their departure. The birthplace tried to maintain its activities and continued to be a place of presence, visit and prayer. All of these are in perfect harmony with the life of the Saint Louis-Marie Parish in Brocéliande...

Novena and Feast Day of Our Lady of Favours

GURU MANDIR, India - There is no doubt that at Guru Mandir, Our Lady of Favours is performing miracles! I was motivated to say the aforementioned statement after seeing the crowd and their faith. This is the first time I am witnessing the feast of Our Lady of Favours as a seminarian, and I personally feel blessed to get this opportunity to take part actively, learn, and serve during the days of Novena and on the feast day of Our Lady of Favours...
Stany D’Souza | 20/10/2023

A Special Day in Redona “Villa Santa Maria”

BERGAMO, Italy – On Saturday, October 7, 2023, in an atmosphere of special occasions at the "Villa Santa Maria", the community celebrated the 50 years of religious life of Fathers Mario ZANA, Angelo VITALI, Luigi PEDRETTI, Giorgio MONZANI, Luciano ANDREOL, and Pier Luigi NAVA. Fortunately, the celebration of the second part of the Provincial Chapter attracted around twenty capitulating brothers to Redona...

Introduction of the Lectio Divina at Genk

BELGIUM - The current state of the Church in the West is marked by a deep concern for those believers who have left the church or no longer attend services. Unfortunately, in the process, our Church seems to be neglecting the pastoral and spiritual needs of those who remain faithful and continue to actively participate in our faith-community...
Fr. Nepo, SMM | 19/10/2023

Italian Province in Chapter

BERGAMO, Italy - From 9 to 11 October, the Provincial Chapter of Italy celebrated its second session, the one dedicated to the reception of the Acts of the General Chapter. A time to verify the spiritual path and the action plans while integrating the Provincial programs into the provisions given by the General Chapter...

Montfort in the Valley of Saints Bretons

BRITTANY, France - A statue of Montfort was recently installed in the Vallée des Saints Bretons. The Valley of Saints is a large hill in Carnoët, in the heart of Brittany, where, inspired by Easter Island, a site has been created where statues of saints, sculpted by artists from around the world, have been installed. The initiators of paying homage to the saints of Brittany and the popular devotion which accompanies them, decided to raise 1000 monumental statues, between 3 and 4 meters high, in blocks of Breton granite in a project started a few years ago and which will continue in the years to come...

Weekend of Marian and Montfortian Spirituality

LORETO, Italy - From September 15 to 17, the meeting that was organized by the Italian Province and directed by Fr. Giuseppe DAMINELLI, SMM, provincial councilor in charge of the spirituality commission, resumed in Loreto after the suspension due to the pandemic. The recipients are all those who have chosen Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort as their spiritual master and for those who wish to know him or embark on the path of holiness traced by him...

350 Pilgrims visit D’Oppe Grotto

BELGIUM - In an era marked by heightened ecological awareness and a deep sense of responsibility for our planet, we, as Christians, have reason to take pride in the environmentally friendly settings of Marian pilgrimage sites. Many of these sacred places are situated in serene, secluded locations that harmoniously coexist with nature...
Fr. Jan, SMM | 13/10/2023

Spiritual Retreat in Loreto

LORETO, Italy - From September 10 to 14, the spiritual retreat for the confreres of the Italian Province took place in Loreto, in the house which was the Montfortian scholasticate for thirty years and presently belongs to the Salesians. The retreat, led by Father Giovanni GIOVE, priest of the diocese of Altamura (Bari), saw the participation of around twenty confreres, including scholastics, aspirants from Croatia and some members of the General Curia...

Profession of Temporary and Perpetual Vows followed by Diaconal Ordination

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti - If Hope dies, could it be reborn? In Haiti, there are many reasons that tend to make any shred of hope disappear because of the country's situation. However, God, Master of history, never ceases to raise glimmers of hope in the very heart of these human events, so that in the night of this world which fears risk and the definitive, the light of his Kingdom and its Justice...
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