Ordination of Rakoto Pierre Adolphe

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Ordination of Rakoto Pierre Adolphe

Montfort News
Published by Fr. Jean Claude RAMANDRAIVONONA, smm in Madagascar · 13 September 2018
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MADAGASCAR - The date of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin is a day that always gives joy to the Montfortian family: 25-year jubilee celebration of the religious life of three Daughters of Wisdom and profession of first vows of five other sisters. It is a day of joy especially for the Company of Mary because we have a new priest: Father RAKOTO Pierre Adolphe. The new Cardinal, His Eminence Cardinal Désiré TSARAHAZANA, Archbishop of Toamasina gave us the opportunity to celebrate this great occasion. He has anointed the hands of our confrere, Fr. Adolphe. This celebration was very much alive, adorned with liturgical dances. It took place at the Sacred Heart Parish which is under the care of the Montfort Missionaries. It was a big family and Christian party with a strong presence and participation of the faithful and the family of the ordained priest. The Cardinal made his homily on the nativity of the Virgin Mary in connection with the second reading (Rom 8, 28-30). God calls not by merit of the person but with the help of the community and the Church. It progresses, especially when we take into account the collaboration of the Church with God. God is there, He works, but the Church also has her responsibility. The person to be ordained should not boast. It is because of grace that he is welcomed by the Church. The teaching given during the ordination rite greatly helps how to live the priestly life: to govern in a humble life, to teach what Christ has entrusted to us, to sanctify with divine grace. I add, without forgetting that Adolphe is a Montfortian religious.

And the party is continued with the meal shared as a family. We must not forget that Malagasy are people who can express their joy with different gestures, including dance, singing etc...

The Thanksgiving Mass will be celebrated in his parish of origin, this Sunday, September 16, at Anivorano-East, which is under the care of the Montfort Missionaries.
-Fr. Jean Claude RAMANDRAIVONONA, smm


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