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Thanksgiving Mass at the "Roadside Cross"

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Published by Fr. Philip Arockiaraj, SMM in India · 17 April 2020
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MEGAMALAI, TAMILNADU, India - On January 26, we celebrated a Thanksgiving Mass at the "Roadside Cross" in Megamalai. Besides me as parish priest, there was also Father Jesu Doss who had just been ordained a priest and Father Nashwin (secretary of the Indian vice-province).
This holy place is called "Siluvai Cruz", which means "the Cross which is planted at the side of the road", in the wild forest of Megamalai. The purpose of its planting at this place is to obtain the protection of the Lord Jesus against attacks by wild animals and ill-intentioned people, for people who pass by this road. The existence of this Cross also aims to remind us Montfort's love for the Cross.
Attention to this "Cross" started when I got here, because there are many witnesses who experience the presence and protection of Jesus at this blessed place.
The Annual Celebration we have here is usually closed with a grand banquet. This time around three hundred people attended the celebration and almost a thousand attended the joint meal. May the Lord Jesus be with us on each of our journeys.
Fr. Philip Arockiaraj, SMM

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