“Wonderful would it be, if we are not 'the last' in Denmark”

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“Wonderful would it be, if we are not 'the last' in Denmark”

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Published by Fr. Stephen HOLM SMMass in Germany · 13 May 2022
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SORØ, Denmark - In connection with his visits in Germany and the Netherlands, Fr. Marco PASINATO, SMM, the Assistant General who is responsible for Europe had also taken time for a detour to Denmark to visit the Danish Montfortian presence in Sorø, which had pleased us very much. The Dutch Montfort Fathers came to Denmark in 1901, and over time, they became responsible for six parishes and built a similar number of churches. Since the death of the last Dutch Montfortian, I, together with two confreres in our Montfort community - connected to the German SMM delegation, have made sure that Montfortian spirituality in Denmark has been an offer within reach.

From 1985-2011, we have been responsible for three of the six parishes founded by the Montfort Fathers. Since 2011, two of us live in our 'Maison Montfort' in the town of Sorø. The third is a parish priest in a parish in the region of Jutland. We have in Sorø a nice chapel and take care of the members of the Montfortian Association "Mary, Queen of Hearts", which we re-established in Denmark in 1995. There are about 30 members, one even from the Faroe Islands.

On Holy Thursday, Fr. Marco shared with us about an idea of missionary visits by young confreres. And for natural reasons - I am 79 and my resident confrere 75 - we could explain the situation even better. However, Fr. Marco was interested in what could happen. He spoke of possible missionary visits of young fathers in connection with the rest of Europe and shared with us the positive experience of Montfortian preaching made to him in Sweden by a Croatian confrere. He also presented the idea to the current Polish parish priest, my successor in the parish of Slagelse, who welcomed it positively.

Wonderful would it be, if we are not 'the last' in Denmark. And we are happy that Fr. Marco is just of this opinion!
Fr. Stephen HOLM

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