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African Anglophone Delegation holds a 3-day workshop

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Published by Bro. Horrice Mkandawire, SMM in Africa Anglophone · 2 April 2021
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MANGOCHI, Malawi - Every human needs a sense of belonging, being understood and feeling loved. Realising these imperative concepts, Anglophone Africa General delegation gathered from 23rd to 26th March, 2021 to cheer each other up, giving morale to the beautiful apostolates each is doing so as to bond and understand each other well for the betterment of the mission of the Lord.  Aside of bonding, the gathering was also complemented with the workshop which Fr. Steve Mukusa SMM gave on justice, peace and the integrity of creation, a training he himself got from the meeting he attended in Rome in 2019. In his presentation, Fr. Steve emphasised the need for all members in the delegation to care for all creatures heeding to the encyclical, Laudato Si which pope Francis promulgated in 2013. All members concurred with the presentation that, no matter how minute we may contribute to improving our environment, it would matter a lot. “As all members try each day to live their religious calling in view of the three vows and the law of love, they should also remember to put creation to heart”, Fr Steve said.

During the gathering, members also had a chance to listen to the presentation of Fr. David Niwagaba SMM, the delegation’s bursar. His presentation was based on the situation of finances in the delegation. He accented that, putting on an equilibrium with the immediate past, things were now moving for the better. He highlighted that, the little the entity was getting from the forest plantation in Nantipwili, Wisdom House and Njuli Houses just to mention a few was helping the delegation to move forward. He further stated that, we have  not yet reached financial sustainability but at least we are slowly coming to the realisation of a better delegation. Proposing the spirit of initiating projects to boost the delegation’s resources he stated that, as an entity, Anglophone Africa General Delegation has to maximise on the idea of founding projects with the aim of boosting the coffers of our delegation whilst putting the different apostolates as well in mind.

Also, during the gathering, Fr. Paul Mashonga SMM, the Superior Delegate of Africa Anglophone Delegation encouraged confreres to be attending such gatherings, where we draw lessons from each other and learn to live in communion with each other like the poor apostles. Such gatherings show also a sense of humility, that irrespective of the busy schedules members have in different areas of apostolate, they still show commitment to communal living by coming together. The superior further stated that, when we meet together, we share the joy and the challenges we encounter in mission, and exploring these together, we learn to take new measures and directions on how to move and spread the Gospel more.

The gathering attained it summit with the celebration of Mass on the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord on 25th March. The celebration was led by Fr. Steve who encouraged all members to live a life full of meaning as Mary did, finding meaning even more in the religious vows which we all professed. After such nourishment, members rejoiced together with a beautiful fraternal meal and recreation. It was indeed good to be there as members of the Company of Mary.

Bro. Horrice Mkandawire, SMM

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