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Montfort Pilgrimage Analamalotra and Opening Celebration of the 90-year presence of the Montfort Missionaries in Madagascar

ANALAMALOTRA, Madagascar - On the occasion of the opening celebration of its 90-year presence in Madagascar, the Entity of Madagascar organized a pilgrimage to Analamalotra Tamatave on September 10-11, 2O22. The faithful from different parishes held by the Montfortians had come to this great meeting to pray together during these two days. Most of the confreres, the great Montfortian family, had also come to honor this first Montfortian Pelé Analamalotra...

The Passage of Cyclone Batsirai in Mananjary, Manakara and the Visit of Colleagues and Families

MANAKARA, Madagascar - The Father Superior of Madagascar Entity, Fr. Bruno, had taken the opportunity to visit our colleagues working in the South-East of Madagascar (in Mananjary) after the passage of cyclone Batsirai. It should be noted that, by the grace of God, the two confreres on site are doing well (Fr. Jean Baptiste and Fr. Solofo Victor). Father Bruno, on this occasion, visited his family, not far from Mananjary, in Manakara: “It was a great joy to meet again”. Batsirai is a very intense cyclone which caused enormous damage. What is observed first is the absence of roofs on nearly nine out of ten houses. Hard dwellings have seen their sheet metal roofs torn off...
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