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Published by Fr. Jos Van den Bergh, SMM in Rome · 3 July 2019
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ROME - The General Council met on June 25-27, 2019 to make an evaluation. As a group, they wanted to evaluate the way they practice their mission until now. Two years ago, they asked to be helped to grow as a team, working together towards a goal in a specific direction, starting from the mandate given to them during the Chapter in Rome in May 2017.

It is a real privilege to work with them and to be able to note in a spontaneous way: this is a group that already functions as a good team. And I would like to share with you the things I heard, felt and experienced when I was working with this team.
  • This team is part of the Company of Mary. It is a selected group. Together, they have the chance to experience this unity which is possible in an international and intercultural context, without jealousy or competition, living a true brotherhood and freedom of expression, in a spirit of charity and mutual understanding.
  • To serve us, they must be themselves as they were created by the Father. 'Be yourself': they were encouraged to be themselves two years ago when they started working as a team. From that moment, they showed progress by practicing it with consistency. They put into reality our expectations at this point. They can really say to one another: do not be afraid and be who you are.
  • It's important to be who they are because it's easier for everyone and each group to accept them as they are with their differences, capabilities and limitations. We respect them in their uniqueness. We ask them to share their contributions, to live the complementarity of gifts, and to tell us what they have to say.
  • This team is always in an atmosphere of discernment not only in Rome, but also when they visit each confrere in Latin America during the ongoing continental mission. They live the interdependence of the gifts of others: no competition, no jealousy. While they live in constant discernment, they can make decisions as well as make necessary changes whenever there are new elements to take into consideration.
  • They trust each other in their assigned vocation and mission. Each of them has his own responsibility. In time of difficulties, they are more than willing to support one another. During meetings, they make it a point to find solutions on problems that they encounter.
  • They are joyful together and happy to be called for this responsibility in this team. This gives them an ease of living and working together. They play their respective roles and each takes his own responsibility in the spirit of service. When they come home to Rome, they like to share what they lived and one could say that they are like the Apostles.
  • They admire the abilities lived by the confreres. Their starting point as a team is to live and work together with their own responsibility. One of them has the most important role who was chosen to be responsible for the whole team. Sometimes, he will take charge of another’s responsibility whenever necessary without complaining. He is proactive in his accompaniment of the team’s evolution.
  • They live their duty as a complement to what others do 'in the field'. They give suggestions and they accept them. They don’t leave another alone with his problem. Whenever they are not able to attend a meeting, they make it a point to communicate with one another through other means of communication (Skype, WhatsApp ...).               
This team of the General Council is made of 'liberos' - free human beings. They bring out the best in each other as they work together. For me, this is good news. That's why I wanted to share it with you.

Fr. Jos Van den Bergh, SMM


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