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SMM Grotto: The Superior General Blessed the Marian Devotees on the Last Day of the Rosary Month

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Published by in Rome · 8 November 2017
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ROME, Italy - The Month of the Holy Rosary was celebrated at the Montfort Missionaries Generalate Grotto by the daily praying of the holy rosary. Every night, at 8:30pm, for the whole month of October, the people, mostly Filipinos, young and old, were gathering at the grotto to pray the Living Rosary. While waiting for the prayer to start, they write their personal prayer intentions which they will later offer towards the end of the rosary at the foot of Our Lady. The prayer starts with a short procession from the entrance when the church bells of St. Louis-Marie de Montfort parish start playing a Marian hymn.
In every mystery of the rosary, a special intention is mentioned. They bring into their prayer the intentions of their brothers and sisters who are sick, troubled, suffering, victims of injustices and calamities, the souls of their loved ones who passed away, their personal intentions and the intentions of the people who asked for their prayers. They entrust their prayers to the hands of Mary and ask for her intercession to obtain the mercy of God.
Each bead of the rosary is represented by a candle. Each one would hold a candle as they pray the Our Father and the Hail Mary and while praying, they slowly put together the candles to form a big illuminated rosary.
At the end of the rosary, the written prayers that they offered are burned and incensed. The priest will then give them his blessing.
On the last day of the living rosary, four Montfortian priests were present and prayed with the people. The occasion was graced by the presence of the Superior General of the Montfort Missionaries, Fr. Luiz Augusto Stefani, SMM who led the final blessing. With him were Fr. Marco Pasinato, SMM, Assistant Superior General, Fr. Francesco Ferrari, SMM, Superior of the General House Community, and Fr. Reynaldo Bullas Jr., SMM, the one who is accompanying the people at the grotto for almost two years now.

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