NETHERLANDS: Visiting the Mission- A Trip to Malawi

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NETHERLANDS: Visiting the Mission- A Trip to Malawi

Montfort News
Published by Fr. Peter Denneman, smm in Netherlands · 5 April 2014
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From February 21 to March 5, 2014, Fr. Peter Denneman, provincial superior, and Fr. Jeu Jenniskens, provincial bursar, visited Malawi. With some others they joined in the installation of Most Reverend Montfort Stima, successor of Most Rev. Alexandro Pagani, smm. The celebration lasted for five hours and was very impressive. Of course they had a chance to meet the new Archbishop Thomas Msusa, SMM. With Fr. Owen O'Donnell they visited the construction project in Blantyre. Together with Fr. Wim Wester they searched for a good place for him to stay in his old age. He realized that the time has come for him to move. The African confreres, Fr. Peter and Fr. Jeu, helped him to transfer from Njuli to Newlands. Then they visited the three Italian brothers who are running in Balaka the Montfort Media, a printing press, publishing house and TV station that broadcasts a meditation each day, and every morning from Monday to Friday, the Eucharist from their chapel. At the Inter-congregational Institute they met the eleven postulants who are studying philosophy. They admired the construction of the rectory, kitchen, etc.. They are happy with it, because eating together is community-forming. On Sunday, Fr. Peter and Fr. Jeu went to the church in Bvumbe, that was built by P. Jan Bechtold. During the service, the children left for catechesis. There were about a hundred children! Every celebration is a great experience. Everyone is singing, moving, praying and listening. It is impressive to celebrate the Mass within such a community.

-Fr. Peter Denneman, smm



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