"We Can Become Similar to God"

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"We Can Become Similar to God"

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Published by Fr. Arnold Suhardi, SMM in Rome · 29 March 2019
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ROME - On March 25, 2019, the two General Administration communities in Rome: the Brothers of St. Gabriel and the Montfort Missionaries, together with the community of the Daughters of Wisdom from Via Merulana, continued their tradition of getting together to celebrate the titular feast of the Montfortian Family - the Incarnation of the Divine Word. The conviviality lived even without the presence of Fr. Luiz Augusto Stefani and Bro. John Kallarackal, who were in Nicaragua and India respectively. The celebration took place at the General House of the Montfort Missionaries here in Rome.
In front of the relics of Saint Louis-Marie de Montfort and Blessed Marie-Louise of Jesus, we prayed together for the big Montfortian Family and for all lay associates, partners and collaborators in our missionary works.
Before the Offertory, we renewed our consecration to Jesus through Mary in the Holy Spirit. It was very beautiful because the consecration finds its Biblical and Christological foundation precisely in this mystery of the Incarnation as defined by Father de Montfort, "The first mystery of Jesus Christ; the most hidden; the most exalted and the least known" (TD 248). In fact, the consecration is the renewal of our baptismal "yes" to enter into the logic of the plan of God, as manifested in the incarnation which is the deification of man. As St. Hilaire de Poitiers rightly stated, "His humiliation is our greatness, His degradation is our honor; on one side, the Incarnation of God and on the other, our rebirth in God".
This mystery which is "a summary of all his mysteries " (TD 248) also underlines the place and the role of the Virgin Mary, who collaborates with the Holy Spirit in this "wonderful exchange" between God and man. As Father de Montfort emphasized, "He who is deigned to come down to us who are not and turned our nothingness into God, or He who is. He did this perfectly by giving and submitting himself entirely to the young Virgin Mary, without ceasing to be in time He who is from all eternity. Likewise, it is through Mary that we, who are nothing, may become like God by grace and glory. We accomplish this by giving ourselves to her so perfectly and so completely as to remain nothing, as far as self is concerned, and to be everything in her, without any fear of illusion" (TD 157).
One of the main figures of this Liturgy is the Angel Gabriel, who inspired the name: Brothers of Saint Gabriel. The Angel acts as the bridge of communication between God and humanity in realization of the plan of God. It must also be our identity.
Fr. Arnold Suhardi, SMM


Reni Joseph smm
31 Mar 2019
Congrats dear Fr. Arnold for the thought provoking words and the reflections....
Love from all of us here in Kanathi
Fr. Reni and the Novices
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