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First Holy Communion at Saint Joseph’s Centre, Ashurst

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Published by Fr. Desmond Connolly, SMM in Great Britain and Ireland · 17 June 2019
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SOUTHAMPTON, United Kingdom – On June 16, 2019, Trinity Sunday, twelve Filipino children received their First Holy Communion at Saint Joseph’s Centre, Ashurst.
The children began their preparation six months ago. Fr. Desmond Connolly, SMM was their Catechist. They were taught many things and the children rose to the occasion. Fr. Nelson Cabañero, SMM organised speakers on the topic ‘Couples for Christ’ for the parents while Fr. Des taught the children in preparing for their First Holy Communion and First Confession.
The children had a weekend retreat as part of their preparation and a second weekend retreat was also organised for their parents. In fact, we already have candidates for next year.
Fr. Desmond Connolly, SMM


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