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Preparation for the Montfortian consecration

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Published by Fr. Claude SIGOUIN, SMM in Canada · 14 October 2022
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MONTREAL, Canada - Since the beginning of October, about fifteen people have been preparing to consecrate themselves to Christ Wisdom through the maternal mediation of the Virgin Mary.
At the rate of a one-hour session per week, the consecration will take place on December 8, on the Solemnity of the Immaculate - Conception of the Virgin Mary, the All Holy.
Everything is presented as a Montfortian Marian spiritual experience.
The sessions take place as follows:
1.    The meaning of the sacrament of baptism
2.    The spiritual organism given at baptism
3.    Knowledge of the worldly mind
4.    Self-knowledge
5.    The knowledge of Mary
6.    The knowledge of Christ
7.    The motivations of this devotion
8.    The effects of this devotion
9.    Interior practices: by and with Mary
10.  Interior practices: in and for Mary
Montfortian spirituality: It is a pedagogy. A methodology. A secret. (S.M. 1). It is a gift of the Spirit. (S.M.20.67)
There are various true devotions to the Virgin Mary, but Montfort offers us a perfect devotion. (SM 24-28).
It is a growth process with certain stages. Montfort proposes five of them in the Treatise on True Devotion. (V.D. 119)
In the Secret of Mary (S.M. 67), Montfort proposes six degrees of growth so that « the lovable Mary, who is the true Tree of Life » under the influence of the Holy Spirit, « is planted, watered and cultivated, that 'it grows, blossoms and bears fruit'. »
It is not a practice for everyone, but for those who are called « Here are very sanctifying interior practices for those whom the Holy Spirit calls to high perfection. » (V.D.257).
« Happy and a thousand times happy is the soul here below to whom the Holy Spirit reveals Mary's secret to know it. » (S, M. 20).
« All to Jesus through Mary, all to Mary through Jesus »
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