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Financial Commission Meeting in Indonesia

SINTANG, Indonesia – The SMM Province of Indonesia held another meeting in the context of the celebration of the Asia-Oceania Continental Mission Year. This meeting was held on July 23, 2022 in Sintang, West Kalimantan. To be precise, this was a meeting of this entity's Financial Commission. The meeting was attended by a number of bursars from SMM communities in Indonesia with the presence of Fr. Balaswamy KATA, SMM, General Bursar and Fr. Arnold SUHARDI, SMM, Assistant General...

SMM Indonesia Mission Commission held in West Kalimantan

PUTUSSIBAU, Indonesia - The General Assembly of the Asia-Oceania Continental Mission Year was hosted by the Indonesian Province from 3rd to 13th July 2022. There were many activities carried out, both at the continental and provincial levels. The Mission Commission meeting was held in Putussibau, West Kalimantan. The expectation from the meeting was to make recommendations that are practical and be put into practice in parishes and in the Mission House, so that there is a typical Montfortian style and the same pattern in every parish and every Mission House...

Grateful for God's Abundance

FLORES, Indonesia - The Novisiat Montfortan, Labe, Carep, Ruteng, Flores, Indonesia, celebrated its 20th Birthday on June 10, 2022. This celebration was marked by sports activities that was held a few weeks before, such as football and volleyball among the novices as well as among the surrounding religious communities, especially the Catechiste Sisters, FMVI Sisters, novitiate community of Daughters of Wisdom, and Somascan Missionaries. The highlight of the event was the Eucharistic celebration presided by the Provincial Superior of Indonesia, Father Antonius TENSI, SMM...

Catholic Youth Gathering in Queen of the Rosary (Ratu Rosari ) Parish

LEBANG, Indonesia - In celebration of the SMM Mission in Asia-Oceania 2022, the Ratu Rosari Parish in Lebang held a Grand Gathering of Young Catholics. “Moving together towards light while being strongly rooted in Catholic faith and culture” is the theme of the Grand Gathering. Grand Gathering was held on May 6-8, 2022. With only 150 participants, which is lesser than the first Grand Gathering in 2019, it did not dampen the enthusiasm of young people to meet and carry out activities that were scheduled at the beginning of the year during the plenary meeting of the Parish Pastoral Council...

Celebration of SMM Mission in Asia-Oceania, Putussibau, Indonesia

PUTUSSIBAU, Indonesia - The opening of the SMM Mission celebration in Asia-Oceania in West Kalimantan was held on January 31, 2022. After the opening, each SMM parish had its own celebration of the SMM Mission in Asia-Oceania. The first to celebrate was the Parish of St. Antonius Padua, Mendalam. Then, on April 28-29, 2022, the Parish of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary (HSPMTB), Putussibau, also celebrated...

Self-Dedication of PMRSH in Malang

MALANG, Indonesia - Thursday, April 7, 2022, was a rare moment and a historic day for all of us—the big Montfortian family. On this day, 14 of our brothers and sisters bravely, consciously, and humbly dedicated themselves to Jesus through Mary. Originally, there were only 7 people at PMRSH (AMQAH) Malang, namely Ignatius Royke Kamu, Marietty Veronika Dua Lembang, Fransisca Wijayanti, Wiwik Murniwati, Elisabeth Lucy S. Pasereng, Theresia Supriyatin and R.A Susiana Dirgarini Yuliastuti. The other seven came from AMQAH of Jakarta, Batch II, who had been mentored by Father Jeje via zoom. They are Maria Leonora Linawati, Anastasia Erlin Natalia, Maria Prapti, Juliaty Raharjo, Maria Theresia Dwi Ena Anjar Cahyanti, Alodia Theodora Dina Santoso, Maria Margaretha Ratih Puspa. They spread out in several cities: Sidoarjo, Surabaya, Bali, Solo, Semarang, and Tangerang...
Bro. Rey NABAN, SMM | 15 Apr 2022

16 Young men begin Montfortian initial formation in Indonesia

FLORES, Indonesia – On 25th March 2022, the Solemnity of Annunciation, 16 young men began their initial formation at Novisiat Montfortan in Ruteng, Flores. Their novitiate formation was initiated by a formal acceptance in the Morning Prayer of the Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The celebration was presided by Fr. Kristianus Jumi NGAMPU SMM on behalf of the Provincial Superior of Indonesia, Fr. Antonius TENSI SMM...

Marian Seminar with Father Rafael Lepen, SMM

MONTERADO, Indonesia - One of the agenda of St. Montfort Parish in filling the Asia-Oceanian Year of Mission is to introduce Our Lady in the Work of Salvation to the parishioners of Monterado. The background for choosing this theme was actually born from the request of the people themselves. They often complain to us about the ...

Awakening of Missionary Spirit

RUTENG, Indonesia - The series of activities for the opening of the Continental Mission Year (CMY) of Asia and Oceania 2022 was held lively in Ruteng, Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. All events were held at the Novitiate of Montfort Missionaries in Ruteng for two days, January 25-26, 2022...
Jimmy Carvallo | 17 Feb 2022

Per aspera ad astra: Inauguration of the Nursing Home of La Saggese in Nggorang, Labuan Bajo, Indonesia

LABUAN BAJO, Indonesia - Per aspera ad astra. This is a Latin phrase meaning “through toil to the stars”. By using this expression, Fr. Arnold SUHARDI, SMM, the Assistant General, in his homily, reflected on the time of illness, suffering and old age as an opportunity to get closer to God. This message was conveyed in a homily during the Eucharistic celebration of the blessing of the nursing home of La Saggese in Nggorang, Labuan Bajo on January 20, 2022...
Fr. Wawan, SMM | 24 Jan 2022

Rise and Shine Followers of Saint Montfort: The Province of Indonesia launches Continental Mission Year in 3 regions

LAWANG, Indonesia - On January 16, 2022, the echo of the song Rise and Shine as the theme song of the Asia-Oceania Continental Mission Year accompanied the journey of Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, members of the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts (AMQAH) in Bandung, Jakarta, Malang, Solo and so on, as well as other members of the community in Indonesia. Members of the Montfort Youth headed to Lawang as the venue for the Eucharistic Celebration of the opening of the Asia-Oceania Continental Mission Year for the Java Region...
Fr. Yanto, SMM | 21 Jan 2022

The Asia-Oceania Continental Mission Year launched in Java Region

MALANG, Indonesia - It was on January 15, 2022 at 15.30 WIB when a light drizzle drenched the Montfort Seminary. Invited guests who are members of the Association of Mary Queen of All Hearts (AMQAH) began to arrive. The brothers and the sisters were ready to warmly welcome the guests. Guests were directed to the main entrance which has been used as a "photo gallery room" for the Montfortian missionary activities. There was a display of various documentations of activities, both from formation houses, mission houses, and parishes...
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